Cell Broadcast Service or Public Warning System in 5G

Cell Broadcast Service or Public Warning System in 5G

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  • Cell Broadcast Service or Public warning system is part of 5G cell broadcast mechanism.
  • Cell Broadcast Centre Function(CBCF), is generic broadcast centre responsible for all kind of broadcast messages including paid advertisement.
  • Public Warning System(PWS) is specific to public warning related broadcast messages like Earthquake, Tsunami etc.
Cell Broadcast and public warning system topology
  • Both the entities can Write/Replace/Cancel broadcast messages to AMF via Namf SAP(N50) interface.
  • When writing Broadcast message to AMF, CBCF/PWS need to provide the content of the message, message ID, number of broadcast, broadcast intervals etc.
  • At any point of time CBCF/PWS can cancel a broadcast by specifying the message ID that is currently actively broadcasted.

Warnning message delivery procedure in NG-RAN

Write/Replace Warnning message by AMF to NG-RAN

PWS Cancel Procedure

PWS Restart indication

PWS Failure Indication

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RASHAD KASIM Posted on8:40 am - June 2, 2021

I have a question regarding this. From 3gpp document, it was given that CBCF will use http/2 post request to AMF. Assuming we have all parameters mentioned above such as “message, message ID, number of broadcast, broadcast intervals”, are we just going to put into json and send through http/2 post request? or are we supposed to do some encoding?

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